1. Q. Ҵ[1M3]ͧहըӹǹͧ ? ö觾ʴѳҳ ?
A.[1M3] 1 ١ȡ ҡѺҴͧ 35x45x35cm ͧɳ Ҥ 360 ¹ 18 ͧ
1 ͧ ö˹ѧ͢Ҵ A4 ҳ 50 й 1M 3 ö˹ѧ͢Ҵ A4 ҳ 900
ह ö Ѵ觡ͧҹ͹ ͺèԹ Դҡͧ բҴѧ
**Ҵͧ M ͧहҡѺ 43x33x36cm
**Ҵͧ L ͧहҡѺ 61x43x46cm öԹҧ˹ѡҳ 35-40 š
ͧ L ӹǹ 8 ͧҡѺ 1M 3
ҡʺóͧह Ẻԡâ觵ҧйӴѧ
1M 3 = Ѻó˹ѧҡ 颹Ҵͧ L = 4 ͧТҴͧ M = 10 ͧ
1M 3 = Ѻóռ 颹Ҵͧ L = 5 ͧТҴͧ M = 7 ͧ
1M 3 = Ѻóռ˭ԧ 颹Ҵͧ L = 6 ͧТҴͧ M = 5 ͧ
ह⤢»ҵ Դ˹ѡ Щй鹨ͧ˹ѡ

2. Q. ¹ҭ蹷 1 ͹СѺ ͧǹ˭ͼ ˹ѧ й຺ԡâ觷١Ѻ?
A.हպԡâ຺ [THAI EXPRESS CARGO] ҢºѺɳ١ҡ ͧ ѧԡẺ Door To Door ҴͧҡѺ 61x43x46cm 3 43x33x36cm 3 ͧ 觨ҡ 23 ࢵ ֧ͧ Ҥ 66,000 ¹ ´سҴٷྨ [THAI EXPRESS CARGO]

3. Q. ¹ 5 բͧ ˹ѧ ͼ ͧ§ ػó俿 ͧѺ? жҨö¹ 2-3 աѺѺ?
A. ըѺº㹻 Ѻի仵ҧԹ 1 ͧǹͧ Ѻö¹ 繢ͧҨеͧ͹حҵҨ
еͧҡ 200% Щй ֧йö¹ǡѺ¤Ѻ

4. Q. ӧҹѷ դͺ 4 11 ѡҹẺ 3LDK͹˹ҨСѺ ԡâẺ˹?
A. हպԡâ຺ [KAIGAI RAKURAKU] [Ẻʺ仵ҧ]ö ͧ俿ҢҴ˭ 鹪ѡ ªҧӹҭ йѺդͺ हѧպԡ÷ӤҴҹ ªҧդӹҭ繾 ѧ鹨֧͹ ´ٷྨ[RAKURAKU DE IKO PLAN]

5. Q. ͹á¹ҭ ͹ͺԷ हպԡâ㹻?
A. դѺ! हպԡâ㹻ȴ¤Ѻ ´سҴٷྨ [KOKUNAI HIKKOSHI] [㹻]

6.Q. ӧҹԡ ¡Ѻȭ պԡâ觨ҡԡһȭẺ Door To Door ?
A.դѺ हպԡâ
D.S蹴¤Ѻ Ẻ Door To Door ´ سҴٷྨ

7. Q. еͧ价ӧҹԡ 2 ШеͧѺһȭա բͧͧèй ԡ हպԡѺҡͧǤѺ?
A.ǧB. աóẺҡѺ ҢͧC. D. 价ԡ ǹͧE. 繽ҡहѺ Ẻ١ҡѺ ТͧF. 繡ͧG. ¤ҢH. شҧI. ´ շ红ͧJ. ҧK. ѺСѹԹѺ١Ҵ¤Ѻ´سҴٷྨ [SOUKO HOKAN] [ԡѺҡͧ]

8. Q. हպԡѺͧѺ?
A. դѺ! हպԡâB. ҧC. ҡǪ ͡ ͡ Ѻ ѹ ֧D. դҡ ԡâE. ҡͧF. ͧG. ȭH. ֧I. ԹѺѺ

9. Q. ոáԨͧ ͧùԹҨҡ һ ջѭͧ觨зѧ䧴դѺ?
A. Ѻ! हպԡâB. ҧC. ѧD. պԡԹԸաšҡ¤Ѻ हѧE. ISO9000 F. ѺͧG. سҾâH. ԹҴ

10. Q. 繹ѡ֡ҷͧ ¹Է ͹˹ҨСѺ բͧǹǷҹ зԷ हöѺͧ 2 Ѻ Шеͧ¤Ѻ?
A. Ѻ! हöѺͧ 2 ҷ駷Է зҹѹ öѹǡѹ Ш¤ҢԴ˹¤Ѻ سû֡ҡѺҧѺ

11. Q. ͹պѷ繵᷹ͧ͡㹡ا෾

I have a friend who has a freight transportation company in Bangkok; can I arrange
the customs clearance and delivering goods by myself?

A. Ѻ سöѴͧ 㹡óշسФҸҧ Ѻҧ᷹ͧҷҧͧ 㹡÷ [˵]ҧá سööͧس÷ءԹ͡ҡͧҡºͧͧ ͹حҵ੾ ö ..[ͧѺԹоʴѳ] ҹ 㹡âԹࢵ ֧ ТԹҴµǤسͧࢵ ҧáҢʹԡâ᷹ͧͧ ͧµҤ͡â觷ǴǴѧ ԡáúèصԹŴ¢ͧسҡäӹdzͧ

Yes, you can. In such case, you only pay necessary fees like port charges to our Thai agent.
However, you cannot use your car for transportation as Thailand regulation allows only ETO(The Express Transportation Organization of Thailand) arrange transportation for imputed cargoes in accordance with Thailand's law. It is impossible to enter the wharf area to delivery a cargo personally.
However, we strongly recommend using our agent for all arrangement in Thailand at package price for smooth delivery, as we are using consolidation containers in order to squeeze your cost. According to our calculation, the total cost by personal arrangement is rather expensive than our package price.
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